“I’m not a numbers person, and neither is my partner,” is what I heard her say at our first meeting. It was funny, but not as funny as she thought! It threw me for a loop. Not because I was surprised or anything, but because their company was almost two years old. I feared what their company’s records would look like. I knew that they were fairly successful. They had lasted longer than other new start-ups had, but not having a handle on the numbers of a business is never a good thing.

In a new business, providing the service and/or selling the product seems to be the most important task. And it is, right? Well, you definitely won’t have a company long without any income. In the same sense, you won’t have smooth growth in your business if you don’t pay attention to all aspects of the bookkeeping ins and outs. If you do not have a clue where your business’s income is being spent, you don’t know which areas of expense that you need to cut. Seeing your business’s monthly transactions totaled in one place helps you get a better handle on the big picture.

Consider this type of information as the road signs along your company’s success highway. Can you see it? Compiling this type of report is vital for your journey. So sell your products or service your clients, but don’t fail to keep up with your bookkeeping. It could mean staying on the highway or sitting on the side of the road with your hood up. It is worth the bookkeeping work not to break down on the side of your success highway. I promise!

Now, I am wondering… are you on the side of the success highway with your hood up? Are you veering side-to-side barely staying in between the lines? Let me know what’s going on. This is a great opportunity to get some help!

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