In an era of great technology we will discuss today how to use technology to grow your business and it’s profits. Present day Twitter and Facebook are the two biggest technology outlets being use today with billions and billions of users and subscribers. The number of users and subscribers alone make these outlets great business tools as you can connect and advertise to the world, who are potential clients with the click o a mouse. With that said today’s discussion will center around, How to create a Facebook page for your business.

You don’t have to be a “tech geek” to create a Facebook page and these steps will make it a cinch.

Step 1: Go to, if you are already logged into you account log out. Once on the “Welcome To Facebook” page where you can either log in or sign up, you want to look below the green “sign up” button for “Create A Page” written in blue. Once you locate the “create a page” click on it.

Step 2: After clicking “create a page” you will now see a screen with options. Here you will choose whether you are a local business, brand or product, organization, public figure, or etc.

Step 3: Once you have made a selection a pop up form will need to be filled out. The information asked depends on the option you chose. For example, if you choose local business you will then need to first choose what category your business falls into and them input into the pop up form: Business name, Address, City & State, Zip Code, & Phone number. After completing the form just accept the terms and click “Get Started”.

Now the next step is a little annoying as we all generally hate these things.

Step 4: After clicking “Get Started” you will now have to guess what the CAPTCHA words are and input them then click “submit”. Now assuming you guessed right you will then be directed to the “create a Facebook” page.

Step 5: Here on the “create Facebook page” you will either sign up for a Facebook account or log in to your existing, personal Facebook, if you have one. Once you have either logged in or signed up you will then be directed your business page to create.

Step 6: Once on your business page yo can upload photos like the company logo and maybe a professional picture of the business team. You can start to post to your business page wall with promotions, updates, and other advertising as you see fit.

One important thing to remember is you want to start getting “likes” as well so to get the ball rolling have current customers and friends go like your Facebook page if they are already apart of the Facebook phenomenon. The more likes, the more business.

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