When it comes to marketing a business most people assume that signs are just about telling others what your business name is. The truth is that outdoor signs do more than just shout out to passers by about your business name. It is an important marketing tool that can bring more business your direction. So here are some other important factors that a great outdoor sign can do for business:

  1. Makes a First Impression – for all walk in customers one of the first things that they see is your signage. They will make a lot of their decisions based on what they initially see. According to studies during those first ninety seconds that they are exposed to your brand image makes or breaks a long term relationship. It can be the deciding factor of whether they step into your shop and see what you have to offer or walk right by. For many it can also be what will make them curious or want to know more in the near future.
  2. Make Them Remember – one of the biggest things that outdoor signs can do is build a mental image in the memory. With a good sign people will be able to recognize your brand or product easily. If you put up a sign that is catchy they will immediately associate the design and logo on it with your business and what it has on offer. No matter where they go or where they see it they will always know what the sign means and that you business is just around the corner, or up those steps.
  3. Make Them Loyal – with outdoor signs customers see your business name and logo day in and day out. This will make them familiar with your business and create reinforced positive emotions. As they continue to be exposed you create an attachment between your brand and their lifestyle. It just becomes natural that they will want to stick with something that they know about and see all the time.
  4. Make You Save – you have to admit that advertising is one of the more pricey aspects in running a business. Outdoor advertising or signs can provide you with a more cost effective solution compared to television or radio spots. For signage you spend the cash once but can use it for years to come. As long as it doesn’t get broken you can count on it to keep promoting your business for you 24/7.

These are just some tips on what outdoor advertising can do for your business. Keep in mind though that the success of your sign will greatly depend on its appearance. A good graphic design service can help you come up with an effective outdoor sign.

News Reporter