There are reasons why business people still rely on the standard or regular way of promotion such as printed materials. In this fast pacing world where technology plays an important part, most people would turn to any kinds of digital method, including promoting and introducing new business, products, or service. But printed materials are also still used, such as newsletters, banners, posters, or booklet-business cards. Why do they still exist?

Well, first of all, all not companies have the needed funds to promote their products or business. Some of them are quite new and have just started off their business. Sure digital advertisement and promotions are great ways to sell the products over vast area easily and instantly, but it also requires a lot of money as well. New business usually doesn’t have extra fund to support any digital format. That’s why they often depend on regular and standard use of printed material which usually comes in low cost.

Second, some businesses only want to focus on local or smaller areas. They don’t want to expand it on national or international scale just yet. That’s why they only spread the business around the neighborhood or their local town, at most.

Third, some well maintained business which have already been famous or well known only need to give out message that they’re still around and they have upgraded their service. When they need to inform that to their customers, they only need printed materials.

Of course, business cards are essential for business people. It’s one of the best ways where they can spread around their specialties and their business. It’s also one of the easiest ways to promote. Whenever they go to an event and meet new people, they could jut give out the cards just in case their new acquaintance will need the products or service one day. That’s why this printing service is always needed despite all kind of technological advancement in digital industry.

When making a booklet, business people would inform the customer about what kind of products they have. But sometimes booklets come with too many information that customers are bored to read it all. In the end, it won’t be effective at all. That’s why it’s always good to focus on special kinds of products which are the specialty and expertise of the business. Business people should give detailed and comprehensive information in short and informative language. If they have other business, they can put it in the booklet as additional information. If customers turn out need that kind of service, they would be curious and ask for more information through phone or mail.

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