There are numerous options available now for displaying your advertising media. Many are geared for permanent or long term display but more and more short term, quick change options are being developed. The retail world is a battlefield with everyone striving to gain an advantage with their special offers so choosing the right media is increasingly important. Here are a few options.

The eye catching “SwingRite” is the more traditional forecourt sign with a newly acquired stability.

Based onto tubular steel legs and pivoting from the middle, this sign is excellent for use in areas where gusts of wind can cause ordinary signs to topple over.

The “GripTite” frame is bottom weighted which keeps your display the right way up at all times. There is nothing worse than an good offer that no one can read because it’s upside down.

“PaveRite”, the more permanent Pavement or Forecourt sign is mounted by rigid steel legs onto a concrete base making it a stable double sided display frame. It’s rugged construction makes it difficult for anyone to damage or remove.

The space saving base, makes this sign ideal for advertising in locations where space is limited.

The “GripTite” front opening system adds to the signs easy use and makes changing the posters held within the display unit a doddle.

The frames are ideal for weekly or monthly campaigns as well as for more permanent adverts. 20mm GripTite Poster frames are made from the finest aluminium extrusion coupled with various rear panels and PVC or Polypropylene front sheets depending on your needs or requirements.

Smaller versions are often found in toilet areas where potential customers can peruse your offers whilst otherwise engaged. Don’t waste the opportunity that a captive audience presents to you.

Roller Grip is made from a single aluminium extrusion and fitted with individual rollers and can be supplied in any lengths up to 4.250 metres. We are particularly proud of our innovative roller grip as this product has outsold any of our products since its design. The roller grip is easy to install and easy to use. Once the extrusion has been mounted in place, you can change a poster in a matter of seconds. If you want to remove a poster in a section of the roller grip it will not disturb the other posters in the same section.

This product has so many different applications: daily, weekly or monthly promotions in any retail outlet, work sheets, rosters, job sheets, schools, universities, offices, restaurants, fast food outlets and hospitals to name but a few. You can now do away with unsightly bulldog clips and replace them with roller grip.

Roller grip is 100% recyclable, but we don’t think you’ll ever want to recycle it. This unit has just been approved and adopted by a large blue chip retail outlet.

So now you are armed with a bit of knowledge which should help you decide which display medium is best for your needs. These are just a selection of what is available.

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