Having your own salon newsletter is one of the best things that you could ever do for your business. Not only are you creating a professional marketing piece, but you’re also allowing your salon to gain more exposure. Salon newsletters can be passed around, creating an instant viral campaign for your beauty salon business.

Getting ideas for your salon newsletter is not as difficult as you may think. Just ask creative questions like the ones below. If you can start out with titles with words like these, can give you a ton of ideas. Let me show you a few examples so that you understand how powerful this concept can be for your business.

Make a list starting out with these keywords:

Where can I find __

How to fix __

How to get __

Where to find ___

What is a good ___

Now, if I was a hair salon, these are some potential salon newsletter ideas I could use for my next issue:

1. Where To Find The Most Natural Products for Your Hair – If you are a salon that sells natural hair care products, you could list your salon information in the article. You could also list a ton of other products readily available on the market, making your readers life that much easier. Not only are you showing how knowledgeable you are about natural products, but it also shows that you care about your prospects and customers. This leads to a more trustworthy relationship – which means a loyal customer who now knows, likes and trusts you. Informative and helpful content is always a winner!

2. How To Fix A Bad Hair Day and Make It A Good One – You could have a picture of someone with bad bed head hair and then show a transformation picture right beside it of a classy, funky updo that will turn heads. Your readers will appreciate it. After all, everyone has bad hair days every now and again. Anyone would welcome this type of advice.

3. How To Get Rid of Split Ends – This is a simple article that will tell your reader to get a trim. Talk about the importance of proper hair care to avoid split ends in the future and then offer your services and perhaps a discount on a trim. Not only will this newsletter article get more customers in your chair, but it will also give you the possibility of up-selling your customer when they come in. Perhaps a trim and then some highlights? Maybe you could offer them a discount on a manicure that day. A little creativity can go a long way.

4. Where To Find the Best Hair Salon That’s Right For You – This is an easy topic because you can instantly state a bunch of things salons should offer (and of course, these would be the same things or services that you offer your customers). Then list your salon at the end.

5. What Is A Good Drying Time for Your Hair – This article title could lead to a ton of ideas. Offer tips on different hair types and hair styles and what their drying time requires. For example, drying fine straight hair as opposed to drying tightly curled dreadlocks or thicker hair with rollers and setting time under the dryer. Give recommendations based upon your experience and show your reader your expertise. They’ll not only see you as an authority, but they’ll always have you in their mind as the knowledgeable salon owner who understands hair. This type of reputation and credibility is priceless!

Do you now see how easy it can be to get salon newsletter ideas in an instant! You just need the right words placed together to spark some ideas. A few more are… Thinking About Getting… Looking to Buy… Caring For… Are you getting some ideas?

And don’t forget, always place your salon information on your newsletter for added exposure, sales and profits.

News Reporter