If you have a business and are thinking about how to promote yourselves so that people can see you, there are tons of options. In this article we will discuss which ones are best suited for you.

Pennants: These are great if your business sells tangible products like electronics or foodstuffs. They are ideal for grand openings because they come in different colors and are a sign of celebration.

Window Graphics: Located right in the front of your store, these customized graphics can be used for both identification and promotional purposes. Vinyl window graphics are designed to stand up to the elements and can be placed inside or outside of glass storefronts.

Banner Stands: Banner stands provide greater options for displaying customized graphics inside your store, outside your store, or even at trade shows. Great for welcoming customers or showcasing special offers, banner stands present nearly limitless possibilities.

Street Banners: These banners are the perfect way to promote or identify festivals, public events, and streetscapes, in addition to business improvement districts, chambers of commerce and neighborhoods. You might also see them at shopping centers over the holidays. Also known as pole banners, they are printed on both sides and hung on light posts at a perpendicular angle.

Nylon Flags: These are perfect if you want to show off your brand name. Car dealers, gas stations and any other business that wants to be well known benefits from these attention-getting, wind-flapping custom flags.

Banners for Trade Show: Trade show banners are all about branding. When having a conversation about your company with other small business owners, it helps to have a graphic describing what you do. It can relate abstractly or it can be a graphic of your brand name – either way, investing in trade show banners is a cost-effective way to help you stand out from the competition on the go.

Patriotic Flags and Banners: Who doesn’t love America and want to support pro-American businesses? Silence.

Applique Banners: Hand sewn, these uspcale banners are often used by museums and galleries. Typically, they aren’t used for promotional purposes, but rather for identification. They can also be hung on outrigger poles and used in parades, churches and other formal settings.

There you have it small and large business owners! There is a menagerie of flags and banners to choose from if you want to promote your business and take it to the next level. And remember, promoting your business is fun, so treat it that way.

News Reporter