Logo designers must possess creative and technical skills in creating logo designs. Studying the concepts of designing a logo is quite complicated, most especially to people who have less interests in learning the basics of Photoshop and other designing software programs for logo designs (LGs).

Learning a skill requires time and perseverance. Since designing is a skill, a person who wants to possess this skill should give time for him to study the basics of designing logos. As learning should always starts with the basics, one of the important basic things to know in designing logos is the history of logo design. Knowing the history of designing of logos may add interest to the one who is learning it.

LGs comprise of symbols, thus the history of designing logos started in the origin of symbols. The ancient Greeks are the first people who used symbols, consisting one or more letters. They used their symbols as means for communication.

The symbols represented their identities and places. This is the time when they used their symbols as their logos, until the Romans bear logos of rulers and towns.

LGs were used by commercial buildings during the middle Ages. Many companies marketed their businesses by using their LGs. They discovered how relevant logos are in every establishments, thus abundant logos were seen in towns.

By the thirteenth century, logos became trademarks for merchants as almost every town and streets have logos. In 1700’s, logos were used as in stamps for mailing to represent where the letter cam from.

The revolution of logos continues to rise in popularity. In 1900s, companies began to go beyond symbols. They use symbols as means for communication. Logos were placed in every document, tools, and products they have. Attractive and well crafted symbols contributed to the success of many companies.

Now, you know the history of LGs, it would be easier for you to proceed in other concepts of designing as you had already traced on how relevant the logos are even in the past.

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