Other points like manual of the product, statements also post sales support. The brand identity design builds expectations. It tells who are you and how are you different from other organizations.

The image of your logo design is a promise and this should be kept. The brand is the promise therefore you should fulfill the promise to your customer’s experience. Thus it should be designed actively and should reveal your brand design. It should continuously strengthen the promise to each and every customer. Let us see few steps which would help to build the strong brand.

Associate the reasons for belief

The brand promise is inappropriate if the customers can not believe. Thus the promise should have or support certain reasons which the customers can believe. This would help you to define the certain expectations of customers. For example a certain brand says intelligent choice. So you have to ensure how it can be an intelligent choice. Why the customers believe in this commitment.

Recognize your customers touch points

Each and every step in the process of your business contains the number of touch points, at the time the customer gets into contact with the brand. Your main objective is to think from each and every perspective. So just analyze how you will generate the demands of your customer. How will the products be sold? How will your customers use the products and how will you give after sales services. So the complete trace of your selling, marketing and process of servicing would allow you to get an idea that would tell you the customer’s experience with the brand.

Find out the influential points

So every time designing would not play a crucial rule. For example if your product is chocolate, than taste is far more important than designing of the package. Both are important and crucial, but each and every point has a different impact on the customers. You can easily understand the essential touch points of your customers by analyzing the complete experience of the customers.

Find out the process

Each and every service or product brings customer experience. Does the experience have fulfilled the promise which you have made? By knowing the tools, processes and also your target audience, you can design your unique design and it would keep the promise which you have made to your customers

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