There is a wide assortment of mats that can be used for Yoga exercising. The styles and prices normally vary according to the materials used in the manufacturing of them. Below are some of the better known varieties of pads used by Yoga enthusiasts or beginners all over the world.

Standard or Sticky Mats

This standard mat is commonly used by most individuals, particularly by beginners and can be purchased just about anywhere. These non-slip or sticky yoga pads are favored by many because of its inexpensive price. However, due to certain chemicals found in this type of mat such as PVC, lead and phthalates, it’s said to be harmful not just to the user’s health but also in the environment, so it takes a little consideration before buying.

Non-slip Rubber Mats

Those who are concerned about their health as well as the environment may find rubber yoga mats to be the ideal choice for them. That is because these non-slip pads are fashioned from natural materials, and its rubber component comes from authentic rubber trees. Aside from being health and environment friendly, rubber mats tends to last longer as well, when compared to earlier mentioned sticky ones. The downside of choosing this mat is that it can be costly and has an unpleasant rubber smell and must be carefully taken care of as it can easily wear off if left exposed for a long time under the sun’s rays or heat.

Mats Made from Cork and Plant Fibers

Based on the materials used, it’s obvious that this type of mat is perfect for those people who are concerned with the environment. Aside from making you feel good about not harming any plant or tree when buying them, these yoga pads are low-priced as well. Yet the negative issue of using this mat is that they are very porous and can absorb much sweat; hence when it dries, there will be a prominent awful smell. Moreover, corks and jute (plant fibers) are not sturdy materials so they must be replaced more often than usual.

It will be an awesome idea to put your company or business logo on one of these Yoga mats and offer them as tokens of appreciation to your clients. This will not only show them how much you appreciate their allegiance to your company but will also send them a message about the importance of valuing their health.

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