The raging question of what is a brand has meant the bookstores are loaded with sections devoted just to that area. To me brand is the blueprint of your customer experience design that would flavor the conversation about you and align with your advertising and other promotional activities. Your brand will ideally portray the strength and position of your marketing framework.

Brand is considered to be your marketing cornerstone. In other words, your brand is the truth and it will tell about you. Brands are not considered to be concrete. They are the feelings, thoughts and psychological relationship between a customer and a business. It is the foundation of all your marketing activities.

Brand is the first stone set in the process of construction. If there is a brand given to your product and services it can yield external and internal benefits. This can help you create an identity that can correlate with the customers. You can develop an emotional bonding with your customers. This is because people buy most products emotionally and not buy them using any given logic.

Internally the brand would serve as a compass of focus. If you are able to brand your business, you can clearly understand what you are about. Self awareness that dictates your actions would improve and it would help you move in the right direction. All business decisions and not just marketing are made in proper alignment with your brand. With the help of proper branding you can build a strong business identity.

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