Can I place household and personal items in my car when I ship it by carrier?

This question requires an answer based upon several facts and situations and many different answers are given by many different people. Although, truthfully, there is only one real answer

And it is determined by the Carriers insurance company and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (the D.O.T.).

1. The insurance coverage that your carrier has will not cover items loaded inside your car. This “cargo” insurance is for his cargo, not yours. So, if that lamp you place in your car bounces around and breaks your car radio… you lose, as it is not insured.

2. The law (in this case, a rule by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) says that no household goods may be transported inside your vehicle. The reasons behind this are primarily due to licensing. Your transporter/carrier is licensed to transport automobiles and vehicles, but not to transport household goods. He would have to be licensed as a household mover to be in compliance.

This would require filing the appropriate forms, obtaining the proper bonds and insurance, and paying the proper fees.

3. Another reason not to load your vehicle with household goods when shipping by an auto transport carrier is weight.

Your auto shipper will have to cross the scales many times while in transit to your destination. Although the common thought would be “my stuff only weighs a couple of hundred pounds”. Remember, your car is one of up to 10 on his truck. A couple of hundred pounds multiplied by 10 turns into a couple of thousand pounds. This becomes a fuel burner and a “scales buster”. When a carrier exceeds his allowable weight on the scales, he pays a major fine and penalty.

So, with the above listed reasons in mind, the answer to your question is emphatically no.

I know, some auto transport brokers will tell you it is OK for you to load “a few items”, “up to 100 lbs”, “not over 200 lbs” or some other figure.

So, are they right? No, in spite of their attempts to capture your business by being agreeable…. They can’t change the law.

When you are advised to break the law, the advisor quickly goes into hiding when you get caught.

Use top-notch carriers and brokers who sincerely want to do business with you in a fair, safe, and completely legal manner.

When you decide to ship your vehicle, go to websites offering quotes and fill in the information requested. You will then receive quotes on shipping your car from several of the great trucking companies recommended. There is never an obligation, select the one you want, or select none. Having seen the quotes will make you a much better shopper.

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