Modern mobile GPS navigation units for trucks are a complete solution for the route guidance requirements of truckers. These navigation units are specifically designed with advanced, versatile and easy to use features to make the trucker’s journey an easier and safer one. Implementing a GPS system in your truck would ensure that you take the right route in unfamiliar places.

GPS for Trucks- an Overview

GPS systems for trucks are designed in a way as to provide the precise route calculation and route guidance solutions. Digital maps form the core component of mobile GPS navigation units for use in trucks. The mapping feature provides information about your present location as well as computes the most appropriate route, giving due consideration to factors such as distance, speed, places of interest, amount of fuel consumption, and so on. You can also easily get real-time information on difficult-to-climb hills, tricky bends, traffic flow or any other impediments in your travel path.

Advantages of the Mobile Navigation System

GPS systems for trucks offer an array of advantages such as:

• A stress-free and safe driving experience on truck permitted roads

• Enhance trucker efficiency and dispatcher productivity

• Reduce fuel outlay

• Enhance driver retention and recruiting

• Help avoid expensive fines

• Reduce accident and vehicle damage

• Reduce out-of-route, empty and dead-head mileage

• Provide accurate pick-up and delivery time of goods

• Provide operational consistency

Branded GPS Systems with Innovative Features

Top manufacturers such as Rand McNally, Roadmax, Delph, Pioneer, Garmin, Cobra, Goodyear, WorldNav and PC Miler offer versatile portable GPS navigation units for trucks. They are integrated with the latest functionalities in mobile technology. The different models of GPS systems for trucks come with innovative and user-friendly features such as:

• High resolution touch screen with ultra-bright color display and excellent clarity

• Adjustable speed warning

• Powerful speakers

• Lane assist and high-sensitivity receiver

• Built-in calculator to determine most economical routes and mileage

• Converter button to make conversions in metric or standard units

• Comprehensive road data

• Options for route comparison and obtain trip data

• Customizable menu button, navigation text/voice languages in unit, smart power

• Route warnings on upcoming hazards

• Waypoints – to add an unlimited number of waypoints

• Spoken turn-by-turn instructions

• Customized routing based on truck size specifications

Most models of GPS for trucks also have exclusive entertainment options such as MP3 player, video player and Bluetooth hands free port for recreation on rest time or loading hours. Moreover, advanced mobile GPS systems for trucks also come with trucker business tools including commercial grade address book, mileage breakdown for organized bookkeeping and fuel tax reporting, national truck stop directory, planner, atlas, calendar, timers and logs, notepad, and much more.

Purchase Options

Truck owners need to buy mobile GPS navigations units for trucks from a reliable dealer. Most dealers maintain online stores and offer premium brands at discounted prices. Reputable distributors also provide free shipment.

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