Yes, the truth behind these deals has been exposed, and you will love the outcome! Hotels, airlines, and car rental companies all put an extra amount on top of their usual prices to make sure they get a tidy profit from every transaction. But when people started to seriously save their money, and decided to forgo expensive holidays with cheaper version, these giants started to worry. The ease of the Internet also helped to save money for vacationers, for now it’s much easier to compare prices and simply close a window when you no longer want to deal with that hotel or agency. Hotels, airlines, and car rental agencies began to panic, so they had to vastly change their vacation packages deals, with extreme consequence for vacationers.

These places have always had deals and packages, but they mostly consisted of “stay two nights and get a complimentary breakfast” type things. Now however, they have had to ramp up the quality of their packages, which means nothing but great news to everybody. By teaming up, these giants have drastically reduced the price of the necessities, meaning that it’s now easier and cheaper to book a vacation package.

A two week vacation from LA to Sydney costs around $2,000 USD for return flights, $8,000 USD for an executive suit, and around $800 USD for a car, so your vacation has already cost around $10,800 USD without factoring in food or entertainment.

By bundling this same trip with a package deal, you can find return flights from LA to Sydney business class, an executive suit in a nearby hotel for two weeks, plus a rental car for that entire period for $3,800! That’s less than finding a hotel on your own. As you can see, bundling a deal can save you thousands of dollars, and that’s even when you pick an executive hotel and car. You can save more money by staying farther out from the city or picking your car up from the actual agency, not the airport.

Vacation packages also include tour guides and deals with theme parks, so make sure you shop around to get the best for your holiday. It might save you money to book your car rental separately when you can get a deal with a theme park through the hotel.

Vacation deals are always popping up, so be constantly on the lookout; you never know what you might find.

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