Late on Friday afternoon, I discovered that my fridge was broken. By the sound of it, the compressor had broken. I called a local fridge dealer who said it was too late to do anything about the fridge today. He said that he would call me between 12.30 and 1 pm the next day.

I did not receive his phone call so at 1.45 pm, I called his number. He said that it was too late now because everyone’s gone home. I thought great, I’ve been waiting for his call and I’ve got no service. He has lost my business.

Getting Customers to Your Door

As a business, you spend so much time and money getting customers in the door, to your website and on your phone – you cannot waste opportunities.

If you are busy when a customer calls, get their phone number and tell them that you will call them back when you have a better chance to dedicate time to their questions. The customer will appreciate your full attention when answering their questions.

Promises are Promises

If you promise a customer that you would call them back – call them back! If you cannot keep a simple promise like a phone call, what will a potential customer think of your service? How many sales are lost because the salesman did not return a simple phone call.

Have you forgotten to call a potential customer? There’s no better time than right now to call that new potential customer.

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