The Project Management Institute (PMI) has created an exam that is used for earning Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

It is important to get PMP certification to help get hired in the project management career world as well as getting promotions. PMP certification is becoming very important when employers are looking to hire new employees. Nevertheless, the real benefit is to the company and to the customer along with the workers. Being trained to do a productive job in project management will benefit everyone.

This certification exam is difficult, but study makes it less difficult. When you prepare the answers will come to you more easily. This is convenient because the PMP exam has 200 multiple choice questions. Don’t spend a lot of time on each question and if you don’t have the answer then guess. You could consider marking out the answer that is least likely to help you decide the correct answer. Just remember the exam is timed so make sure to have enough time to finish. You won’t get marked down for wrong questions, but you want as many points as you can get. The more points the better the score so you might as well take a chance to get the correct answer. The score for earning certification is best if it is 80% or more, but it is not tough if you go to the evaluation with the right preparation.

Study is important to earn PMP certification. There are many ways to earn all the knowledge needed. Examples are video courses, study guides, online training and taking a practice exam. This exam will bring you an understanding of how the questions will be phrased. It is important to know the formulas and the exam will let you know what you need to know. It will help you know what areas you need to study more as well. Some of the items you will need to know for the exam include PERT formulas, cost management, Earned Values formulas, resource procurement, project management and project quality.

More and more companies are requiring PMP certification. It is worth looking into and going through all hours studied. Anyone that has earned this certification will be not to be qualified worldwide. Once the exam is finished PMI often is who reviews it to reward certification. When you earn PMP certification you will know how to be a better project manager that can define responsibilities and delegate proper responsibility.

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