Six Sigma is a very real problem solving process with very real end results and data collection along the way. When it comes to getting the training that people need for their positions, they often turn to online courses because of the convenience and affordability. Many people still believe that traditional classes and hands-on experience trumps any kind of online coursework, but it is all fair game in the world of Six Sigma. What has many people confused is the practice applications of online courses where you virtually simulate a problem solving process from the comfort of your home office right there on your computer.

Is it really fair that so many people go out into the world and get practical hands-on training for their Six Sigma Certification, and then there are those who sit down at their computer and do a virtual simulation, for which they are credited and now able to get their certification? It is not a fair world by any means, but it seems a little intriguing that online simulators were able to be created for this training process. If people can create online programs for problem solving, there shouldn’t be that many problems left in the world, should there?

Maybe that’s going a little too literal on that end, but when you think about your background, you’ll remember how important the hands-on stuff was to your overall experience with Six Sigma Training. After all, without being able to actually go through the process step-by-step, many people wind up coming out of their Six Sigma Training with no new knowledge that stuck and no practical experience to help them out. There is absolutely nothing wrong with online courses and e learning. Sure, it might seem easier and like some people are getting a free pass, but you had just as much opportunity to take your course online if you had wanted to.

Many people don’t have time for traditional classrooms, which brings them to the online Six Sigma Certification. However, many more just want to get fast training so they can get up on their feet and start on the road to success with a Six Sigma Job. If you are really interested in taking Six Sigma Training online, just take the time to find a reputable program with some type of practicable solution analysis or something similar that you can do over the computer so that you can have a sense of what to expect when you get into the working world.

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