The Fifth Season – Weddings and Their Management

When we were little, it was a great achievement to know the basic stuff like abc’s, the 123’s, the weekdays and the seasons. It is a fun activity to ask kids to point out the seasons and their indications because in their books, the year has four seasons which they happily share with us. But as these kids grow older, they realize that there are more than just four seasons, speaking in the figurative sense of course, like the flu season, the rainy season & the wedding season.

Getting married is something that we all expect to only do once in our lifetime and as such more people are choosing to make their wedding a celebration of their individualism and personalize aspect of it. Of course, when we say wedding season, the general school of thought is that time of the year where weddings are happening all over and that’s true but there is much more meaning behind these two words. There’s depression & excitement at the same time, a state of frenzy & fun side by side. It’s all about answering the question how will we pull of this wedding and every year thousands of families invest in the form of sweat and tears just to find an answer at the end of that function. It can be one of two; an amazing wedding or a disastrous wedding.

In order to achieve the amazing wedding and avoid disaster, people tend to look for a system of management that can arrange the entire event. That’s where event management and wedding planners step in. It is there job to actually take control of the entire event and present something, in simple words, amazing. They have to be equipped with the skills and knowledge required for maintaining the client’s wishes, following up with the latest trends, keeping in mind the traditions, taking care of the guests, handling unexpected mid wedding crisis, having an amazing setup of catering and providing the client with an affordable budget. Many people choose to personalize their order of service. As a event manager, one should be able to understand the requirements of the couple and arrange according to their wishes. This can be done by having a description of the elements that have gone into the service and how each section or chosen may reflect something that is special or symbolic to the bride and the groom and their families. Basically it’s the ease of mind that the client expects from a wedding planner.

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