Recently I got tired of the local resources available to small business owners – so I took it into my own hands. Calgary, where I live, has well over 100,000 businesses – yet has no decent educational offerings for entrepreneurs who are out on the street. Sure, there are basic courses on what marketing is – but nothing for people who already are out there marketing and want better results.

So I partnered up with a local business leader, who runs Roaring Women. We have created The Business Burst which is a very inexpensive breakfast meeting that is designed to help educate entrepreneurs with practical tips and techniques to grow their business.

Today was our first meeting… the problem?

Entrepreneurs without a clue!

Half the people registered didn’t even show up. That in itself says everything I need to know about the way they run their businesses.

90% of success is in just showing up – these people don’t get it. They complain about poor cash flow, lack of clients, problem clients, or name your issue to whine about here.

Despite people willing to show them the way – they refuse to listen. Or they just don’t get it… “my business is different, marketing doesn’t work for _____ types of business, I already know this, etc – businesses are all the same in one thing – they ALL deal with people. Learn how to deal with people and you can increase your sales. Marketing does work when you know what type of marketing to do. And if they already knew it, they would be successful already!

Sorry about the rant, but there is a lesson here.

Everyone can learn something new about growing your business. The most successful people in the world invest tens of thousands of dollars a year in additional training – yet those that are struggling “know it already”.

There are always things to learn – test and tweak in your business. And if you aren’t even willing to show up and try new things… you will never get what you want.

Harsh but true!

If you want a serious way to show up and test your marketing online – try this free tool for testing – test your headlines, copy, order forms etc. You just have to love free tools like this.

Show up – and get serious about your business. Your clients will thank you!

News Reporter