We can now safely say that text messaging has become the fastest and most popular medium for reaching out to others be they friends, family, business associates, or a consumer base. Here lies the opportunity to take advantage of the huge potential of the mobile market to bring new revenue to your business. If you’re interested in getting started with mobile marketing then here is a basic overview of how it works.

The content provider (you) will need a short code which will be five to six digits long. This code allows the user to send and receive information.

There are two kinds of messaging platforms. The first is a standard rate program where the consumer is not charged for the text you send such as coupons, surveys, and the advertisements that you send out to your consumer base. With a premium program the consumer is billed, on their phone bill, for being able to receive content such as voting programs like Dancing with the Stars or American Idol, buying content like games, pictures, and ringtones. And special information such as alerts for Fantasy Football.

With this medium there are many ways for you to build new revenue opportunities for your business including: using text messaging to inform your customer base about a sale you’re planning or a new product launch, contests or giveaways to promote your business, informational alerts, customer services, and even incorporating an advertisement into a text message.

As with anything, there are some technicalities that need to be taken care of such as obtaining a short code, creating a program brief (much like a business plan), configuring your system with a network that will be processing your transactions, and receiving certification to operate. All of this is done with a mobile operating company of your choice and you will be assigned a representative to guide you through the process.

Right now, mobile messaging will completely optimize your marketing efforts and keep your business truly connected to your customers. As soon as you take care of the processing, that connection is just a message away!

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