First of all, if you aren’t using social media for your business you probably could benefit from it. How to use social media for promoting your business is more complex than can be covered in one article, but watch for future articles explaining some of the benefits of using social media to promote your business. For starters, it’s mostly free of monetary cost and has a huge reach. No matter what your business is, your customers are probably hanging out somewhere on the social sites.

If you’ve been reading my articles or been in my community for any time, you probably know I love processes and systems. Any time you have to do a task over and over, it pays to create a simple system for doing it. Make sure to also include an automatic reminder so you don’t have to remember to do the task. I use this strategy for updating the profiles I use to promote my business.

I recommend you keep a simple, clickable list of the social media profiles you use for business, including any you use mainly for personal use and update (or at least review) them monthly. It should take under half an hour unless you have a very large number of profiles you are using for social media. If you aren’t in the habit of updating regularly, this may seem like a lot of updates. I hardly ever looked at my profiles when I first started using social media for business. It seemed like something to do once and then the goal was to provide regular content. Once I started checking monthly though, I was surprised at how often I changed my language, tag lines, current service array and activities. I learning constantly, so often I take a look and realize I haven’t put my newest bit of knowledge into a profile. Your profile is a really important piece of your social media strategy, so it’s important to keep improving it.

One month is a good interval to use for updating the social media profiles you use for business. It’s long enough that you’ll have a fresh outlook every time you look, and short enough that you won’t have information out of date for very long.

When using social media for your business, don’t treat your profiles like a one-time task – they are business asset and the first impression your new connections have of you.

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