Used for communicating directly with consumers, press releases have become effective marketing tools that can be found throughout the Internet on websites, search engine listings or in emails. In the past, the press release has been strictly used to communicate between public relation firms and the media in order to promote their products, celebrities or events. Similarly, businesses are now creating their own press release to promote their services.

When a press release is distributed online, it can gain as many as five hundred additional links. The trick to getting more links and listings is using popular keywords in your press release and in the name of the website where it is originally published. News agencies access the press release by using wire websites and, if you are release is search engine optimized, they could come across yours and print it in their newspaper, magazine or on their website.

The full benefits of press releases are often not recognized by business owners or marketers, but its important to make sure that your press release generates as much recognition as possible in order to be syndicated throughout the web. Some tips for achieving this are

Make sure your release is newsworthy because, even if you have a hundred keywords scattered throughout the content, the media will not republish it if it is not interesting and useful content. Be as specific as possible and provided detailed information that is unique and cannot be found elsewhere.

Phrases that contain the most keywords should be located in the title, subheading or towards the beginning of the release in order to be sure the website featuring your press release is ranked higher on search engines.

Press releases should offer more than just information and should include contact information and how a reader can learn more about the business and services. The release should offer links to a businesses website as well as to a place where potential customers can download other informational material such as newsletters, reports, free trials, special offers and white paper downloads.

When sending the release to media outlets, you should also provide a brief summary detailing the content in your press release. You should provide a summary of your business, the services you provide and information about the writer of the release.

Offer your press release to bloggers who write about your industry. When writing about different topics within the field, bloggers will often include a summary or excerpt from company press releases and then credit that business, including their name and website.

When distributed throughout the Internet, a press release can get a lot of exposure and generate traffic for a website, leading to higher sales of products and services. Posted not only on websites, in blogs and in emails, press releases can be printed in traditional forms of media as well, such as magazines and newspapers, but will be viewed much less than it would be if it were posted on the web. The more places your press release is posted, the more links to your website there will be floating throughout the Internet.

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