You spend 8 hours a day or more healing people. You perform miracles regularly in your practice. You heal without drugs and surgery. How many people are you telling about your day?

This subject is the subject of PR. Public relations. This subject has been thwarted by big agencies. It has created a confusion as what is PR and what is Marketing? Public relations is simply this: Your good works, successes with patients, etc. well publicized .

Who do you tell? Anyone and everyone where it is appropriate. Here are some ideas for you to implement and improve your pr immediately:

1. At the end of your patient’s recommended treatment program ask them if they see a change from when they first came in. Ask them how they feel specifically and ask specifically for differences. You may even want to ask them how the treatment has changed things for them. Plan on hearing successes as early as the first visit if you are getting results.

2. Once they have spoken you should acknowledge their wins and ask them if they would be willing to write it down on your success sheet (keep on of these in each patients folder) while putting it in their hands.

3. At the bottom of the form have some verbiage that reads similar to this: OK to publish with a place for them to put a check mark next to it. They are giving you permission to use it in your marketing and pr efforts.

4. Now that you have this make a copy and put the copy in a manila folder labeled SUCCESSES 2009. The original stays in their folder of course.

5. If you have a newsletter add a section that mentions recent patients successes. List the successes from the month in there.

6. You can also put them in a book with clear sleeves in it that reads PATIENT SUCCESSES and this will stay in the waiting room for the patients waiting to read.

7. Here’s a HUGE idea! Send monthly postcards or greeting cards to your existing patient base as a way to keep in touch. I have a company I use exclusively who gives me a great deal and can show you how to do this. In there list out one of the most compelling successes. Keeping in touch is different than following up. This will activate the inactive quicker than anything you can do other than speaking on a subject they are interested in without having to be pushy or look desperate.

8. You should always be adding successes to your website.

9. When people ask you “How are things going for you”? Tell them specifically by sharing with them one of your patient’s successes (keep name to yourself of course unless you have permission to use it). People want to know that you get results!

10. Use successes in any advertising that you do (14% of America responds to Ads therefore I do not recommend advertising but if you feel you should please use successes). Your prospects do not care about the technology so much as the result. They are asking themselves, “Is this doctor the one for me?” Remember that most people do not know what the words “Chiropractic” or “Acupuncture” mean, therefore they can’t reach for you. Help them understand that you help them with their condition.

The more specific the success/testimonial the better. It is “realer” to everyone. You have seen websites and other promo that had general testimonials on it. You know it is ineffective and possibly not genuine. Don’t do it. These 10 ideas above when done regularly will begin to make a very loud noise in your area and start to attract to you those whom you are meant to attract. After all it is about attracting rather than chasing right?

News Reporter