Getting the car buyer to openly talk to you is the ultimate way for you to close more sales, but that rarely happens on its own. It requires a car salesman to ask the right questions and do it in a way that does not seem like prying or an invasion of privacy. These car salesman tips address the fact that many sales people do not take the time needed to get to get the buyer to open up to them because the customer feels that their only objective is to sell them a car and not to help them find the right fit or solution for their needs and wants. The professional car salesman tries to help and understand their customer so not only can they sell them a vehicle today, but then you can sell them a vehicle tomorrow and count on them for a handful of referral customers that will provide them with future business and income.

Sell More Cars with these Car Salesman Tips

Car Salesman TipAsk and Listen – Ask your customer simple easy questions that require more than a yes or no answer so you can get them talking. Ask them what there are looking for in their next vehicle or what they like about their present vehicle. Ask them how they use their automobile and what type of driving they do. Listen carefully to their answers. If you are not clear or do not understand what they are trying to say, repeat their statement and ask them to clarify. It is important that you not only get them talking, but also that understand what they mean. People’s words do not always convey what they are thinking. Listen closely and understand what they are thinking, not just what they are saying. There is no need to hurry, take your time because if you don’t have a customer in front of you it’s the same as being unemployed in the car business (now that’s a great tip for car salesmen).

Car Salesmen TipUsing Their Information – The more the customer talks and the more they talk the more you learn. There is a saying in the car business; listen to the buyer because they will tell you how to sell them a vehicle. I say listen, but it goes beyond the words of the customer. It involves their body language, their eye movement and contact and whether you can get them engaged in the process of buying a car. Now as you move through the steps of the sale you can use the information they gave you to not only select a vehicle, but you can also use the information to overcome objections that are natural part of buying a car. Car buying objections are the customer’s defense against the car salesman so the more information you have the better chance you have of getting past their objections.

Car Salesmen Tip Relationship Building – The more information you receive from the customer the better the chance you have of building a relationship with them. You need to be all about business when you are working with a customer. You can talk about any number of subjects to find some common ground between you and the customer. This will also serve as a way to get your buyer to relax and be more comfortable when working with you. You could talk about sports, kids, hobbies, work or any subject that you may have in common with them. When the buyer relaxes they are open to suggestion and more likely to believe what you are telling them. Building a relationship with your client can do much more than sell you a car today. As I said earlier a relationship with a customer can bring more future business than you might imagine that can consist of repeat sales and referrals. Also another benefit of this car salesman tip is that you might even make a friend which you can never have too many of those.

Car Salesman TipClosing Deals – Closing car sales is much easier when you ask the right questions and learn about what your customer wants. It is your job to satisfy those needs and wants when it comes to their vehicle (when they are reasonable). When you help your customer accomplish their goals you will accomplish yours by selling them an automobile. Closing the deal is not as difficult as some might think when you take your time and use the information that was given to your freely. You can overcome their car buying objections by using their words and statements to sell them a car.

These car salesman tips may sound simple and obvious, but all too often the car salesman has a tendency to move too quickly through the sale. You may go through this process several times a day, but the buyer only does once every few years. Slow it down, follow these tips and you will close more deals.

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