Your website is a useful tool for making sales in your sleep, but could it be making even more money for you during those twilight hours?

Every good marketer knows: The MEDIUM is the MESSAGE.

When someone is reading your sales copy and about to make a purchase, all they really get from you socially perhaps is some cleverly written text that outlines the features and benefits that state why they should go ahead and take their credit card out of their wallet.

What if you could up the ante and reach those prospects on a heightened, more emotional level?

You can! How?

Use surprisingly affordable professional voice overs on the landing page or sales page.

Voice overs help to build trust and make an instant connection with the people who visit your website.

Adding a voice over isn’t just another bell or whistle to your website, you’ll be ingeniously employing another medium to help you communicate your message, in this case, delivering your message using audio via your website.

By getting up close and personal at the point of sale, you’ve found another way to persuade prospective customers to buy, and as a bonus, have also given the world a better idea of who your company is through audio branding, using the human voice to start a favorable relationship that is profitable and engaging.

And… like most people, you’re probably strapped for time and likely haven’t given too many “outside the box” ideas any consideration, but that’s where voice overs could really strike gold.

The majority of people haven’t considered (let alone know about) strategic placement of professional audio on landing pages & sales pages.

What could be better than a more personalized approach to welcome the visitor to your site and set the tone for a potential sale?

You can achieve that human connection by using the intimacy and power of the human voice by way of a voice over recording that puts your customers at ease when they are deciding whether to continue on, their visit ideally resulting in a purchase made at your website.

In short, adding a voice over to your sales & landing pages will:

1. Make your website more human

2. Encourage prospects to buy

3. Give the impression that you are present

You’ll notice a dramatic difference in how you can communicate with prospective buyers and establish a personal relationship without having to do the initial networking.

You may also see an increase in your conversion rates which is after all what you’re going for, right?

What should your voice over recording say?

Take a good look at the copy on the sales or landing page. Your voice over should be a conversational representation of the words on the page without “reading” the words on the page.

What I mean by this is that your voice over should elaborate on the points, not regurgitate them just as you would present a PowerPoint presentation. You may not read the slides verbatim, however, you do regard the bullet points on the slides as a guide and touchstone to move the conversation along and way of reinforcing the principal message leading to a successful conversion.

Once you have scripted your message, most messages being about 1 minute to 3 minutes in length, the next step is to have it professionally recorded either by an experienced “voice” actor or by you in a decent sound studio.

You can hire freelance professionals easily online, just post a job on a voice talent directory.

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