As a sales person the bulk of your working day is spent interacting with customers and giving sales presentations.

Each product has its own features, benefits, and of course background information. Each customer has their own questions, concerns, needs, wants, and of course personality type. As you begin a sales presentation with a customer all of those factors and more come into play.

Despite this variation, there are some areas of common ground that can be applied to most scenarios. If you bear these following points in consideration, you will have a firm foundation for your presentations. Always get your customer to use as many senses as is possible.

All products are of course different, but most can be used to stimulate a customers senses in one way or another. The aim is to dominate their senses with the product.


Encourage your customer to handle the product. Let them experience the product in a tangible way. Hold the product, press buttons, try it on, feel the weight in comparison to another product.

Handling the product lets the customer experience the features and benefits of the product rather than just see them or hear about them from you.

Handling creates “ownership”.

Whatever you can do to get the customer to experience the product using their touch sense.


Let the customer look at the product.

Excite their sight sense by tilting the product to make it shine or sparkle. Model it for them to show them how it looks. Compare side by side with another product to show how good it looks.

Do what ever it takes to make the product dominate the customers eyesight and keep them from getting distracted by anything else.


Talk to the customer, explain features and benefits.

Back every feature with as many benefits as you can.

As you do so, excite the other senses as mentioned above and focus all of the customers attention on you and the product.

If the product has sound, or clicks, or beeps, anything to dominate the hearing sense.

Know when to talk and when to listen.

After stating your case for the product let your customer have chance to mention any concerns or reservations that may prevent a purchase so you can counter them as soon as possible to reduce the chance of the customer leaving without purchasing.

If you use the senses backed by solid features and benefits, then address any concerns or questions, you are in the best position to ask for the sale.

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