The reason the no sales sales pitch is so important is because who do you go to first, your friends and family right? And why do you do that? Because they trust you right? Do you get where this is going? The reason the no sales sale pitch is so important is because you need to become friends first in order to get the best and easiest sale. Nobody likes to talk to the car salesman and buy a car, but if your friend is working there and just wanted to show you a car that recently came in you would probably go, and the reason is because you trust your friend.

OK that is very true, without trust making a sale is really difficult, but how do I do a no sales sales pitch? Great question and let me tell you the first step to do it correctly.

Don’t jump in – whenever people come into a sales presentation they are always expecting the worse, so don’t give it to them. The main point about not jumping in is to sit there and get to know the person better before you talk about sales. The entire point of sales is to give the customer what they want and you can’t do that if you have no idea what they want. Listening and asking questions is the goal here.

Learn about the customers lifestyle – Sometime you think you know all you need to about a customer but really there is always more. Talk to the customer about their lifestyle and get to know them better, the main thing you want to know about them is just something that can be enhanced by your product or service.

Listen – What do all sales people have in common? They know how to talk, and talk until the person listening can’t feel their ears, right. Well this is exactly what you don’t want to do, just listen. Ask a couple questions and then be quiet. The longer you are quiet the more your customer will talk and the more they talk the better chance you have at making a sale.

Trust – Throughout the entire pitch your customer will be waiting for you to bring up the sale and it is very important that you don’t bring it up, let them do it. A lot of times all it takes is for you to say “Oh yeah, that completely slipped my mind, I was having such a great time getting to know you I forgot all about that!” This always helps the customer trust you and believe that you really just wanted to get to know them better. This may be true and it may not be, but whatever the case may be just make sure you are sincere

If you just follow this advice you will be great at the no sales sale pitch. Click here if you would like to learn more about how I earn fast cash with my method.

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