It’s a common misconception that upgrading to the use of IP cameras from analog cameras can be complicated and expensive. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Starting over with a brand new system would be a huge waste of money especially if you have a large camera system currently in place. Below are a few products that can help you migrate from analog to IP without breaking the bank.

1. Hybrid Digital Video Recorders (HDVR)

A popular product used to migrate to IP camera systems is the use of “Hybrid” Digital Video Recorders or HDVRs. These recorders have a video compression card built directly into the unit. The compression card is so that standard coaxial cable cameras can be directly connected to the recorder. On the back of the recorder there typically can be anywhere from 4 to 64 coaxial cable inputs for existing cameras. The “Hybrid” recorder is then able to accept IP video streams through its network connection. Depending on the system, the “Hybrid” recorder can accept from 1 up to 128 IP cameras. These HDVRs can provide exceptional efficiency and an easy conversion from current analog cameras to network IP cameras.

2. IP Video Encoders

For companies that have a very large system, but can’t convert the cameras in a single phase because of budget reasons are typically recommended to use IP video encoders. Use a network IP video decoder to incorporate newer IP video cameras in your traditional analog CCTV surveillance system or use network IP encoders to incorporate existing analog CCTV cameras into a digital IP video security system. Video encoders allow you to convert to a Network Video Recorder or NVR solution while saving the existing cameras. IP video encoders can convert a single camera anywhere up to 16 with a single unit.

3. Ethernet over Coaxial Cable Media Converter

These devices are a lifesaver for companies with extensive analog systems or a large building. These media converters utilize the existing coaxial cable infrastructure and IP cameras to be transmitted over the existing cable. This solves two costly problems. First, the labor cost of recabling numerous cameras can be very expensive. Second, Ethernet cable has a distance limitation of approximately 300 feet. Using a coaxial media converter at either end of a coax cable can extend the distance up to 5000 feet.

These three products make the migration from an analog camera system to a network IP camera system much more cost effective and allow for a project to be easily phased in as quickly or as gradual as you need. A phased in approach can be much easier than a one time capital expense especially when budgets are tight.

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