What Is Packaging And How It Can Increase Sales

Although packaging your products is necessary to transport them to market and get them there, it can also be a great opportunity to increase sales. A recent survey found that 72 percent of consumers believe packaging design has an impact on their buying decisions. You’re losing sales opportunities and potential marketing opportunities if you don’t pay enough attention to your packaging. Let’s look at how product packaging affects sales and why it is so important.

What Is The Importance Of Packaging?

Packaging matters fulfills many essential functions for companies today and their customers. It also has many practical roles and functions that relate to marketing, sales, brand awareness, and marketing.

Packaging plays an important role in protecting products throughout transportation and even up until the moment that the customer opens it. The customer’s perception of your company can be affected if the product arrives damaged. You will likely need to replace the product or refund their money. Easy opening and removal of the product should be possible.

What Packaging Can Do For Sales

More than 77% of shoppers believe that packaging has an influence on their purchasing decisions. Companies should consider packaging from both a functional and marketing perspective. What does packaging have to do with sales?

Product packaging is a key factor in consumers’ decision-making when they are presented with a wide range of products online and in stores. Consumers have limited information when choosing what product to purchase unless they do extensive research. A lot of shoppers will opt for a product that has attractive packaging. A majority of shoppers will choose a product whose packaging catches their attention. This highlights the importance of designing your packaging to make your product stand out among the rest.

How To Choose The Right Product Packaging

How do you select product packaging that will increase sales? Here are some ideas.

Your audience This is a key factor to remember. It is important to know your audience’s preferences and expectations. This can be done by conducting surveys and looking into customer data. Your customers may prefer packaging that is easy to open or soft pastel colors.

Your brand: Packaging should be consistent with your brand’s personality. This will allow customers to recognize your products and create a cohesive brand identity. A stand-up pouch with metallic paint and a minimalistic design might work well if your brand is modern and sleek.

The product: Your packaging must also make sense for the product. For ready-to-eat foods, laminated tubes are commonly used to make pastes. Retort pouches can be used for ready-to-eat meals, while laminated tubes are used for pastes. Your packaging should allow shoppers to identify the type of product that you are selling quickly.


Today’s companies have a wide range of packaging options for their products. These are the most popular:

  • Stand-up pouches can be made from polymer sheets or metalized and are often laminated. These pouches are similar to bags, but they can be held up and are used often for food products.
  • Polyethelyne bag is a plastic bag that can be used to transport a wide range of products.
  • Paper bags are lightweight and recyclable.
  • Woven bags are used for heavy-duty packaging. They are used for food packagings, agricultural products, and geotechnical engineering supplies like cement and sand.
  • Monocartons boxes made of paperboard are used often for food products.
  • Retort pouches made from metalized plastics are used to prepare ready-to-eat meals.
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